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Robert Kresin in Childcraft

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A big part of what I hope to accomplish with Today's Inspiration is to showcase not just the celebrated illustrators of the 50's -- but those who are virtually unknown as well. For example, Robert Kresin.

I've never seen Kresin's work before, but he appears throughout these many volumes of the Childcraft series. Kresin was proficient in any number of styles... these are only a small example of his versatility.

I have a real fondness for illustrators who work in a great variety of styles - which might explain, at least in part, why I'm drawn to Kresin's illustrations. I get the sense that he was an artist who enjoyed trying new things... and the quality of every one of his pieces speaks to the underlying skill he had, no matter what surface technique he employed.

While there is really no information about Kresin on the internet, I suspect he was a Chicago area illustrator. The Childcraft books were published by Field Enterprises, a Chicago publisher, and a great many of the illustrations and photos throughout the set are credited to Chicago art studios.

* You'll find these a few more pieces by the artist in my Robert Kresin Flickr set. His zig-zaggy line style is particularly nice when seen at full size.

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  1. Thank you for this article on Bob Kresin. I have a signed watercolor of his called "Paris, France" dated 1950 that was sold to my father probably at about that time. I'd never heard of Kresin and found your blog telling me about him. I suspect you are right he worked in Chicago, as my father worked for a Chicago advertising company and may have known him personally.





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